I’m Stephanie Beets Hairdresser in Amsterdam.

What I learned and heard from the expertise that come to my chair. They all have the same challenges when they come to Amsterdam: where can I find a good hairdresser and where can I practice my Dutch.

So here I am! In the heart of the city, near the Leidseplein
With me you can practice your Dutch in a safe environment. You might be able to teach me better English. I am very curious about your story, travels and what you notice about the Dutch culture.

By the way for your information, of course you will walk away with a good haircut too. I have over 10 years of experience ..

So let’s go and grow together!

The easiest is if you send me a whatsapp or start learning right away and use the Dutch appointments widget at the bottom of the page. 

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10 years of

In 2012 I participated in the biggest hairdressing competition, the Coiffure Awards, The Netherlands I was nominated for the category; gentlemen north. In the end I became 2nd!

Knowing what you want, having a goal in mind and really achieving it! I have followed many different courses / training such as; Master of Color, communication and cutting training. Subsequently, I started to spread this knowledge by giving training myself. Make sure you know the basics well and from there think outside your fixed patterns and put your own feeling / touch into it. I look carefully at who you have in your chair and what suits him or her.


Creative, collects crazy white vases and never sits still

Lots of Love Stephanie Beets